Our Company
Leviathan Dynamics is specialist in thermodynamic machineries based on Mechanical Vapor Compression
We have expertise in two main areas:

We possess a unique technology that makes possible the use of mechanical vapor compression under deep vacuum (below 50mbars). This technology is a combination of:

  • a patented high speed compressor design that makes possible the use of MVC without having to use expensive and massive compressors
  • a deep understanding of wet vacuum environment that allows us to design affordable vacuum management system
  • internally developped numerical modelisation of evaporation and condensation required for efficient heat exchangers design

Leviathan Dynamics started with a single idea in mind: replacing hazardous and polluting refrigerants by Water
Since 2016, we've been struggling with the main technological barrier: the unavailability of compact and affordable compressors that work under vacuum.
We have developped our own technology of compressor
This technology can now achieve high volume flow rate and high pressure ratio: it can be used in chiller and light duty heat pump. Research and development to enhance robustness and performance to meet the standard of the refrigeration industry are still ongoing.
In the meantime, because there are a lot of applications that would benefit from the current maturity of our technology, we decided to explore some of them.
Our product is fit for industrial wastewater treatment
That lead us to market Turbevap©, a low-capacity waste water evaporator that can separate efficienty the 5% waste from the 95% pure water present in waste water.

Our Vision of Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy and Environment is at the center of mankind concerns. As an actor in both field, Leviathan Dynamics is helping industry reduce their energy consumption and their wastes. By doing so, we are working toward a more environment friendly society.
We also believe that companies must show the right way to its employees and to its social environment. We are committed to helping society be more fair. We installed our company in Paris' surburb, La Courneuve, in hope that in the future, we will be able to contribute to the dynamics of this area.
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